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Statement regarding accusations of A4D support and affiliation for Mindenki Magyarországa Mozgalom

6 September 2022 - Action for Democracy feels compelled to discern some of the most outlandish conspiracy theories, falsehoods and insinuations with regard to the support we provided for Mindenki Magyarországa Mozgalom (MMM).

Our organization’s strategy and actions are driven purely by our commitment to democratic ideals and principles. We work - similar to many other foundations and organizations who work on the global scale - independent of any national government or international organization. We strongly reject any accusation of foreign meddling in any election. Our support in all our target countries is aimed at organizations on the frontlines of democracy to support democratic values, participation and election integrity on a non-partisan and non-electoral basis. Our Advisory Council only provides strategic counsel and they do so in their personal capacities. They are not part of day-to-day decision- and grant-making at Action for Democracy and are not privy to the details of our supporting activities in our focus countries. Mark Malloch-Brown and Jami Miscik are not and have never been part of Action for Democracy in any capacity.

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