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Open Call for Grant Application

Empowering the Vote of Mobile European Union Citizens[1] 


Action for Democracy (A4D) is a US based 501(c)(4) non-profit organization that empowers democratic actors to defend and rebuild their democracies. We believe that now more than ever, we need to defend our freedom, human dignity, and democracy, all of which are under assault. We strive to build and mobilize a global pro-democracy solidarity movement committed to promoting democratic values and institutions and pushing back against the rising threat of autocracy around the world.


We focus on empowering democratic actors in battleground states for the global fight for democracy: from Brazil to Hungary, from Italy to Poland. We partner with frontline democracy organizations on the ground to broaden democratic participation, promote genuine elections, encourage transparency and accountable governance, and combat hate, fear, and exclusion.


We are pleased to invite applications for our grant call: ‘Empowering the Vote of Mobile European Union Citizens’. The grant is directed at civil society organizations working to expand democratic participation of European Union (EU) citizens living in another EU member state of which they are not a national in the context of the 2024 European Parliamentary elections. EU citizens have the right to vote in the European Parliament elections regardless of whether they are a national of the EU Member State in which they reside.




Action for Democracy plans to award grants of up to USD 50,000 which must be used to cover specific activities related to the grant’s main objectives. Our grant support will also in some cases include in-kind professional advice and consultation to enhance the grantees’ capabilities. The grant financing should not exceed 75% of the project’s total cost.

[1] EU citizens living in another EU Member State of which they are not a national



The 2024 European Parliament elections (EP elections) are set to be one of the most consequential elections of 2024, electing 720 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) to five year terms through 2029. In the contemporary European political landscape, the rise of anti-European populist forces represents a significant challenge to the core principles of the European Union. These forces, often characterized by nationalist and isolationist tendencies, pose a direct threat to the ethos of unity and cooperation that the EU stands for. This is particularly concerning for the millions of EU citizens living and working in member states other than their own. For these individuals, the success of populist movements could lead to policies that drastically affect their lives, from limiting freedom of movement to imposing restrictive work and residency conditions.


In this context, the participation of mobile EU citizens is crucial. Action for Democracy (A4D) plans to deploy its unique mission and expertise of mobilizing diaspora communities throughout the world to mobilize the European diaspora community to cast their vote. To this end, Action for Democracy aims to support values-based non-partisan civil society organizations and activities that:


  1. Raise democratic awareness about the importance of voting and encourage mobilization of mobile EU citizens prior to the EP elections. 

  2. Empower mobile EU citizens reluctant to participate in elections, implement creative measures to combat the feeling of disillusionment and disengagement. 

  3. Support pan-European communities to defend democratic and European values and institutions.



Non-governmental, non-partisan civil society organizations (CSOs) that:


  • are non-partisan

  • have a national and/or international reach within the EU or to EU citizens.

  • support an enabling environment and ecosystem for civil society to grow and thrive

  • comply with all local and U.S. rules and regulations, including any relevant electoral and campaign finance laws

  • communicate in a fully transparent manner about the support they receive



Proposed projects should start by March 15 and end by June 30 of 2024.


The deadline for our first round of applications is March 1, 12 pm CET. We will evaluate applications on a rolling basis and thus encourage applicants to submit proposals as soon as possible.​



To apply, please complete the following Google form:


If you have additional questions, please email us at:

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