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Open Call for Grant Application

Supporting Democratic
Participation in Slovakia


Action for Democracy (A4D) is a US based 501(c)(4) non-profit organization that empowers democratic actors to defend and rebuild their democracies. We believe that now more than ever, we need to defend our freedom, human dignity, and democracy, all of which are under assault. We strive to build and mobilize a global pro-democracy solidarity movement committed to promoting democratic values and institutions and pushing back against the rising threat of autocracy around the world. We focus on empowering democratic actors in battleground states for the global fight for democracy: from Brazil to Hungary, from Italy to Poland. We partner with frontline democracy organizations on the ground to broaden democratic participation, promote genuine elections, encourage transparency and accountable governance, and combat hate, fear, and exclusion.


We are pleased to invite applications for our grant call: ‘Supporting Democratic Participation in Slovakia’. The grant is directed at Slovak civil society organizations working to expand democratic participation, enhance citizen engagement and support free and fair election.


The Grant Action for Democracy plans to award grants of up to USD 50,000 which must be used to cover specific activities related to the grant’s main objectives. Our grant support will also in some cases include in-kind professional advice and consultation to enhance the grantees’ capabilities. The grant financing should not exceed 75% of the project’s total cost.



While Slovakia belongs to the part of Central and Eastern European region that achieved successful democratization, the country’s democratic path has been constantly challenged by both internal and external actors seeking to undermine democratic values and transatlantic orientation.


Today, the impact of the efforts to erode Transatlantic unity and undermine trust in democracy is more evident than ever. A significant portion of the political spectrum disseminates false, fear-inducing, and divisive content, trust in institutions has reached an all-time low, and many people feel disconnected and disheartened with the state of affairs in society.


Against this backdrop, Slovakia is preparing for early parliamentary elections in September 2023. Action for Democracy considers the resilience of Slovak democracy pivotal to its global objectives and to this end aims to support values-based non-partisan civil society organizations and activities that:


  1. Raise democratic awareness about the importance of voting and encourage mobilization prior to September elections; 

  2. Empower the parts of society reluctant to vote to participate in elections; 

  3. Implement creative measures to combat the feeling of disillusionment and disengagement;

  4. Support local communities to defend democratic values and institutions.



Non-governmental, non-partisan civil society organizations (CSOs) based in Slovakia. In general, grantees are expected to:


  • be non-partisan

  • have a national reach and/or operate in a rural setting

  • support an enabling environment and ecosystem for civil society to grow and thrive

  • comply with all Slovak and U.S. rules and regulations, including any relevant electoral and campaign finance laws

  • communicate in a fully transparent manner about the support they receive



The proposed project and its desired outcome must be connected to the grant’s main objective. Priority will be given to projects related to the following topics:

  • Democracy protection and promotion

  • Mobilization and engagement of marginalized, under-represented and disengaged groups

  • Women’s rights

  • Universal values and human rights

  • Countering extremism

  • Combating disinformation

  • Monitoring and countering foreign malign influence



Proposed projects should start by August 31 and end by October 15 of 2023.


The deadline for our first round of applications is August 25, 12 pm CET. We will evaluate applications on a rolling basis and thus encourage applicants to submit proposals as soon as possible.



Applicants can apply here: 

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