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Remembering Queen Elizabeth II ( 1926-2022)

11 September 2022 - Queen Elizabeth II's death is a great loss to the world. Queen Elizabeth II was more than a monarch. She defined an era. Above all, her passing reminds us of the role of public service, calm reason and acceptance of each other’s differences in our ill-tempered times. Tasked with steering one of the world’s great democracies through enormous social and political upheaval, she always kept calm and carried on.

We are forever grateful to have witnessed Her Majesty’s long and dedicated leadership not only to the UK and the Commonwealth but across the entire free world. At the core, Queen Elizabeth II presided over an institution centered on a modern-day democracy and a modern Great Britain. For more than 70 years, she maintained that institution and did it with her unique blend of grace, elegance, wit, humour and kindness. Queen Elizabeth II symbolized a sense of stability, strength, and perseverance. As we continue our struggle for a better world, Her Majesty will forever be remembered as a true protector of human dignity, and democratic institutions, and a beacon of hope for all.

Your Sincerely,

Action 4 Democracy

Kati Marton, Chair of the Advisory Council David Koranyi, Board President



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