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International Day of Democracy

5 September 2022 - The International Day of Democracy is an opportunity for all of us to reflect and review the state of democracy in our world. Our democracies are facing an unprecedented challenge. According to the Economist's Democracy Index 2021, less than half, or 45.7% of the world's population now lives in a democracy of some sort, a decline from 2020 when the figure was 49.4%. That number increased further with the European Parliament passing a resolution officially stating that Hungary is no longer a democracy, but an ‘electoral autocracy’. The news is yet another confirmation of the wave of democratic backsliding in the world. It is also a reminder of democracies' constant struggle, to protect, deliver and innovate. We all have to be active participants. The strength and health of our democracies are directly dependent on our degree of involvement. As informed citizens, we have a global responsibility of ensuring democratic rights are preserved everyhere. This is what Action for Democracy is working for by empowering those on the frontlines in the battleground states for democracy.

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