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Democracy has triumphed in Brazil

30 October 2022 - Democracy has triumphed in Brazil. Despite enormous pressures the country’s resilient democratic institutions delivered what is recognized by the Brazilian people and the international community as free, fair and credible.

We have had tremendous faith in the ability of the Brazilian people to continue charting a democratic course for their country, as they bravely fought back against the threats to their democratic system. The elections have shown that Brazil has built a truly robust and resilient democratic system, with strong and innovative institutions and a vibrant party system, reinforced checks and balances, a fiercely independent judiciary and electoral court system, and a tried and tested voting system that is of the highest standards.

Action for Democracy was proud to provide humble assistance to Brazilian civil society organizations on the frontlines to defend their democracy. Sunday's election has sent a strong message to autocrats around the world that democracy is alive and well. The resilience of Brazilian democracy will serve as a shining light in our quest to defend democracy, strengthen civil society, protect human rights, and promote the rule of law.

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